Presenting the THIRD Hoo-Hah! Book - The J. R. Williams 152 page Graphic Novel collecting the complete story of Smokey's Saga!

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Hoo-Hah! Presents:
Out Our Way
The Poetry of J. R. Williams

A Message of Vital Importance from Cartoonist Robert Crumb
I found the J.R. Williams book great.
Never saw those cowboy cartoons before.
They are rich, they capture the sweeter side of the cowpoke way of life
but obviously avoid the rowdy, alcohol-induced violent side, the bar fights, the whoring, etc.
J.R. had a beautiful inking style, plus he could really draw...
By all means, full speed ahead on more J.R. Williams books!

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Born Thirty Years Too Soon
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Here's some FREE Samples of Classic Out Our Way Panels you will not see elsewhere!
Fat and his Gang on a Raft


We have carefully taken yellowed old clipped comic panels and scanned newspaper microfilms, and restored the drawings to as close as readers from the 1920s and 1930s would have seen them.

Here is an example of an original clipped comic, shown next to a phone for size comparison, and a printout of the restored panel.

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