Seba Smith

Seba Smith is almost totally forgotten today,
but he was America's first important political satirist, whose work
was immensely popular for decades during and well after the author's life.
His character Jack Downing was the progenitor of the 'Shrewd Yankee'
that has become a mainstay in American fiction.

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438 Seba Smith - 'My First Visit to Portland - 1830

439 Seba Smith - 'Uncle Joshua Tells How He Went to Boston and Took Dinner With the Gineral Court - 1830
440 Seba Smith - 'Cousin Nabby Advises Mr. Downing to Come Home - 1830
441 Seba Smith - Mrs. Downing Urges Her Son to Come Home -1830
445 Seba Smith - Captain Downing's First Military Report to the President - 1831
446 Seba Smith - Captain Downing Releates A Confidential Conversation With President Jackson While On A Journey to Tennessee - 1832
447 Seba Smith - Cousin Ephraim Explains The Science Of Land Speculation - 1833
448 Seba Smith - Major Downing Shakes Hands for the President at Philadelphia, While on the Grand Tour Down East - 1833

1542 Seba Smith - Peter Punctual- 1856

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